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I'm so happy you're here!

Most would describe me as passionate, fun, driven, and a whole lot of crazy.

Over the last 20+ years, I've worked with Technology Partners, Enterprises, Small business and Start-ups, to build and execute their Go-to-Market (GtM) strategy, in every major market around the world. And I LOVE it. 


My highlight reel: 

  • Built a regionally dispersed GtM team, selling complex SaaS & technology solutions, growing from zero - $40M in <18 months. 
  • Launched more than 40 SaaS solutions across Asia Pacific
  • Built several regional teams, from nothing but a small budget into multimillion dollar business units.


  • Built my startup - messeji: An AI driven workspace, that delivers GtM playbooks, delivered in bite sized pieces, so every technology company has access to a proven, repeatable, and scalable GtM model 
  • Launched messeji Consulting in January 2023. 100% focused on my consulting practice. 


  • Started focusing on my personal branding in March 2023
  • Invited by LinkedIn to join their Top Voices program in August 2023 (this is still very surreal!) 


  • Sales, Marketing, Customer Success & Product Strategy; Team Building and Leadership: I've got you covered. 

I pride myself in helping my clients build a go-to-market practice so when I handover to you, you have the framework you need to continue to deliver results.


I've had a wild journey, and I have no intention of slowing down anytime soon.



After 20+ years in the corporate world, selling complex SaaS solutions and building go-to-market teams across Asia Pacific, from scratch into multi-million dollar business units, I decided to take the leap into the startup world.

The messeji team and I built a modern workspace, powered by an AI assistant, that helps startup founders bring their SaaS solutions to market.  

There are a lot of awesome players out there, and what separates us from the competition are our AI-driven, personalised go-to-market playbooks, that are delivered in bite sized pieces - at exactly the right time - so every founder has access to a proven, repeatable and scalable go-to- market model. 

My journey hasn't been smooth sailing - has anyone's?

Building a bootstrapped startup, through 2020 and it's aftershocks, and the launch of incredible startups like *cough* OpenAI, it's been much harder than anticipated. 

But I am still going...

I've been focusing on my consulting practice, to keep my oxygen mask securely fastened, as I figure out what's next.

The beauty of this is I still get to stay close to the Startup world that I love, surrounding myself with other passionate and inspiring people, solving big problems, organising the chaos, and helping others realise success.

 I love winning, I love helping others, and I love celebrating other peoples success.

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